About Us

Our Team

Low Cost, High Quality, Graphic Design Services in the Philippines

Our focus is on low cost, good service, high quality, and being able to intelligently understand your requirements.

Our company started in 2011 as a web design company. Initially, the graphic design focused on logo, bespoke website graphics, and animation effects.

Graphics Design

The transition to also becoming a graphic design company was a natural progression. All of our new graphic staff came from a print media background, so we immediately inherited decades of print media experience.

The Graphic Challenge

Today’s challenge in web design today is mostly in the graphics, where clients with already impressive websites are finding that what was impressive a couple of years ago, is well below par today. To meet today's demanding graphic challenges, we continue to employ more graphics designers.

Branding, Engagement and Call to Action.

Our experience as a web design company has had a major flow-on to our graphic design. Modern websites need to be engaging, and in many cases requires companies to rebrand. Our understanding of branding, engagement and “Call to Action” are some of our key strengths.

About the Philippines

We’re an english language company, and all of our staff are able to communicate effectively in English. The Philippines is famous for it’s artistic talent, and as a result we are able to draw on a very large pool of talented artists.

Working with us

If you have any concerns about working with us as an overseas company, please contact us, and our CEO, John Piechnick, an Australian, will be able to discuss your concerns. Our clients include many large, international corporations, and some of the largest in the Philippines.

We can take on graphic projects of any size.